Cruising~Day 5 Manzanillo Mexico

I know you have all been waiting with baited breath for my next honeymoon post and now your wait is over.  Day 5 of our cruise was a great day we pulled into Manzanillo the largest shipping port on this side of the Pacific ocean in case you wanted to know. We had signed up for an excursion to go to a private beach resort that day but we had a few hours in the morning before we were going over there so we decided to explore a bit. Right when you get off the boat there is this giant swordfish statue that is pretty impressive. I really liked Manzanillo it had old Mexico charm with modern areas and beautiful greenary! We walked up and down the main street and even found a store named after me!

Later that afternoon we got on a bus with our guide Fernando and went to Carmina's Palace. Carmina's Palace was AMAZING! It had a fun little private beach cove, a ton of pools, and great food. It was so much fun just playing in the ocean and pools for the day. I would totally reccomend the resort if you were ever going to stay in Manzanillo.

Efren's stingray creation for us that night!

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