Small Detour

Considering every bit of stinking Utah County is under construction I feel totally justified in taking a quick blog post detour and showing you some pictures from my little sister Mirissa's wedding back in August. I promise to get back on track soon and finish posting pictures from the honeymoon and hopefully getting caught up to current events ....but this is a lot like road construction so give me plenty of time ha ha!
Jake and Court!

Jake doing some thing weird...like normal.

Kissing my man!

The bridesmaids!

I'm pretty sure I'll never be my dad's favorite. Mirissa has been his favorite and now Laney is!

Amanda blowing bubbles!

I'm sure you have seen this picture before :)

...and this one.

Mirissa's best friends...Jessica and Amanda

Mary did this awesome candy table!

The rings!

More of the girls!

We are all so excited that they are married!

I really loved her dress!

Everything was so pink and frilly and totally Mirissa!

Mom and Dad with the Ostlers!

Pretty and delicious!


I liked the silver leaves in her bouquet!

Baby Laney who isn't allowed to get married for a LONG time!

"Oh Mirissa your extentions are so fab!"

The siblings. I think we need to tak a "sibs" trip!!!

All the Beatty girls!

Our signature picture with the crazy smiles.

The send off! We had a full on firework show with bottle rockets!

They are so perfect for each other!

Beatty Family!
Pictures By Mikki Platt and a few from Courtney
Wedding Cake by Melissa and other cakes by Lori (Click on names to see their websites!)
Sorry the order of these pictures are crazy but Blogger hates my guts!

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