Favorite Bits

Here are a few of the cute things I really liked from the parade of homes....Poor Robert now I want to move, redecorate, and have him build me a lot of new furniture.


President's Day

This past weekend my mom and I made our annual trek to the St. George Parade of Homes. Here is just a little bit of our last day in southern Utah.

My favorite view on the planet...Pine Valley....so bitter sweet that I will never get to live in it's shadow again!
Look at these beauties. They quickly became my friends but I think they were just hoping I had food.

So we stopped in at the Ace Hardware in Hurricane and they had these great signs we had to get pictures of!

We also decided to go visit my grandma and grandpa Beatty's grave and spruce it up with a few balloons.

After our little errands on Monday we drove home to the freezing north....YUCK!
I have some more pictures I will post soon!


Random Thought #5

I don't know what it is but I HATE BIRDS!  I'm not one of those people who like happy tweeting birds in the morning. If one landed on my finger while I was singing "a spoon full of sugar" I would immediately stop singing and shriek in horror!  They have beady little eyes and creepy feet and poop on your windshield as soon as you pull out of the car wash....So the moral of this rant is even though I really love animals I can't handle birds and if you have a pet bird I will not come visit you!