Great Grandma

Yesterday this earth lost one of the most wonderful women. My sweet great grandma passed away at the ripe old age of 94. I am so glad that I was able to go see her a few weekends ago. I will miss her a lot but I know she is in a far better place with people she loves. I'm sure she has a game of cabin fever going on right now.
~ these pictures are from a visit a few years ago.~
 Great-Grandma as a card! Wasn't she a lovely young lady!
 Grandma's cookie jar that I always loved!
Mom, Grandma, & Me circa 2009.


Eclipse....(with no vampires)

Blast those stupid clouds that got in front of the solar eclipse this Sunday. Luckily we had a few breaks in the clouds to check it out!
The view thru Robert's welding helmet

 Fun cressent shaped shadows

My moms garden is in full bloom!

more shadows.

My dad's paper eclipse viewing trick.


Instagram Thursday

I got the Instagram app for my droid and I've been really enjoying it! Yesterday was a busy day, baby sitting, baking, wedding planning, and birthday festivities for Courtney's 21st birthday!
Adorable baby Rylee facinated with Mickey Mouse Playhouse!

Courtney's coconut Samoa cake I made for her birthday!

 Pretty blooms from my yard used to show different wedding table top ideas.
 Serious poker game going on!
 Drinking rootbeer from paper sacks!
 Garret tossing in his chips!
 The Boys!
 The girls!
 Harper showing off her rolly-polly skills!
Drinking out of a sack like a hobo!


St. George Weekend

This weekend we went down to St. George to see Brian Regan at Tuacahn. We ended up going down with Jake and Courtney and then my parents and Laney decided to come down too. So it was a fun a busy weekend with family! We got down there on Friday night and went to dinner and spent time with my grandma and aunt and uncle...until I had a massive bloody nose...so gross! When we got up on Saturday morning we left mom with grandma and went to the bear paw for breakfast. It was delicious as usual. Then we spent the rest of the day at Sand Hollow soaking in the sun and fishing. That night was the Brian Regan show and it was hilarious! We had a great weekend seeing family and just playing. Hope you had a great mother's day weekend!


Book Club

So last night was our first meeting of the book club and I thought it turned out well. I had a lot of fun putting together fun treats that were related to the book. I'm glad there was a good response on the book because I would hate if first book was a dud. I am, looking forward to this club every month. If anyone is interested in participating either in person or just reading along with us let me know!

Here are a few pictures I stole from Mirissa's facebook. I took a few more so maybe I will post them soon!

Book Club attendees that night. Me, Laney, Kate, Stephanie, Kelli, Jessica, Mom, Courtney, and Mirissa!


This Weekend

This weekend Robert, Jake, Courtney, and I went down to Panguitch to visit my great grandma at the hospital and we also went out to Panguitch Lake to fish and have a picnic. It was freezing out at the lake and only Jake caught any fish and he claims it's because I bald eagle's shadow past over him.

Ha ha here are a few pictures that Courtney sent me from the trip.
 Jake and I have a long going joke about Manderfield so we hopped out of the car and took a picture.
 It was FREEZING at the lake!

Robert and I also took his duck boat out on the lake on Sunday afternoon. It was a relaxing little ride and I was cold then too!


Random Thoughts #6

I read this on the Internet today....

"life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"

WOW how true that is. I don't think I would have thought so 5 years ago. I look at my life now and would like things to run more smoothly and be more perfect but I could never say that my life isn't truly wonderful...because it is!