I am very thankful for a lot of things this year but at the top of my list is my wonderful husband who has honestly changed my life! He is the perfect person for me I have never felt more loved, like a true partner, best friend, and more protected when I am with him. In a close second I am thankful for my amazing family, they are seriously the best and I would rather spend time with them than anyone else! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you told the ones you love that you are thankful for them!

1, 2, 3...Cha Cha Cha

Baby Laney auditioned for the Alpine School District Jr. High Ballroom Team this summer and made it!! I went to one of her competitions a few Saturdays ago at BYU. She competed in the Cha Cha and the Samba and even made it through 2 cuts on each. She was so fun to watch with her adorable partner Richard! If she sticks with it, she will get to wear all sorts of fancy things...it is quite the circus! Anyway I took some pictures from that day and thought I should stick them up here for all to see!

The Lost But Now Found

I forgot about this picture from way back in October when Robert and I went to Frightmares with Brett and Stacy! We had a lot of fun that day. I love my family!!!!



Here are a few of the random things that have happened in our world lately. Again these are from my phone...it is the most convenient camera even if it's not the best.
Robert and I did this 2000 piece puzzle. I didn't do as much as Robert but it was fun. It's also fun having my table back!

My latest project is finally finished. I painted these old crates I had and had Robert put them on the wall as shelves.  Then I added DI finds, borrowed old books, and new treasures to them. I think I have a combination of things I like at this point but it could always change!

My little sister Laney came over on Friday night and we had some fun painting our nails and watching Pride and Prejudice. Robert was also included in the nail painting....of course we did a very manly camouflage pattern on his nails...haha he even kept in on all weekend. I love him!!!

More posts to come...I promise... I found some October pictures that I forgot about and some pictures and video from Laney's ballroom competition as well!


Halloween 2011

I love Halloween it is always a fun time at the Beatty house. It is my brother in-law Jon's birthday and also my sister-in-law Stacy's birthday too!!! This year the Henrie's invited us over to eat yummy food and hold babies! Then we had a little happy birthday event for Stacy! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween...now on to the full blown holiday season....are you ready? I'm not! (oh these pictures are from my phone so they are a bit blurry and bad sorry!

Garrett and Jed...oh should I say Pirate and Batman. 

Dad with Jake's suck up John Wayne pumpkin.

Laney's pumpkin.

Brett's puking pumpkin.

Stephanie's cute decorations.

Mom & Stephanie!

Jake and Courtney (Captain Hook and Tinkerbell)

Me and baby Harper!

Documented proof of Robert holding an infant!!!!!

Happy Birthday Stacy hope you liked your donut cake!

Witches Night Out

This past year we had the coolest family move in next door to my parents...I have loved getting to know them and they already feel like family. Anywhoooooo the ladies (Colleen, Jessica, & Kelli) invited my mom and I to go to the Witch Fest at Gardener Village. I had never been and I had a total blast. We dressed as witches and I bedazzled a witch hat to wear. It was so fun shopping and seeing all the people dressed up! I love you Hansen girls thanks for inviting me along!

Here was my witch outfit!

I added all this to my plain black witch hat and I thought it was cute.

Here I am with Colleen.

Kelli, Colleen, me, and Jessica!

One of the witch displays at Gardener Village.

Me and my mom!

Traded in the witch hats.

Creepy guys on stilts.


Fall Drive

A few weeks ago we decided to take some time off from working in the house (we had been working all day and kind of look gross in our grubbies!) and take a drive in the mountains to see all the leaves before the snow. It ended up being the perfect day. I have a total love hate relationship with the fall... I LOVE the colors and the fact that I can wear sweaters and boots...but I HATE that it it the gateway to winter! Maybe these pictures will help me stay on the love side!

(All the other pictures are the actual colors but I played with these for fun!)


Ok now it's time for catch up! A few Saturday's ago Robert and I set out on a mission to find a table. First we stopped to get the breakfast of champions....don't judge me I needed the caramel apple spice and the coffee cake....(I know the calories are high but some days I have to indulge!)
The first store we stopped at was Ashley Furniture. We fell in love with a beautiful cafe height table that was on special for the day. Of course being savvy shoppers we said we needed time to think about it and see other options before we made up our minds. Are quest continued with stops at furniture row, furniture warehouse, and RC Wiley....oh and a quick stop at Home Goods for unrelated reasons, where my wonderful husband got me a mirror! After seeing what the other stores had to offer we knew we needed to go back to Ashley and get our table. We were able to pick the table up a few days later and we love it. (Plus we love not eating on the floor....although I claim it was very Asian Zen of us! )

Sorry the pictures are not great they are from my i-touch.