Ok now it's time for catch up! A few Saturday's ago Robert and I set out on a mission to find a table. First we stopped to get the breakfast of champions....don't judge me I needed the caramel apple spice and the coffee cake....(I know the calories are high but some days I have to indulge!)
The first store we stopped at was Ashley Furniture. We fell in love with a beautiful cafe height table that was on special for the day. Of course being savvy shoppers we said we needed time to think about it and see other options before we made up our minds. Are quest continued with stops at furniture row, furniture warehouse, and RC Wiley....oh and a quick stop at Home Goods for unrelated reasons, where my wonderful husband got me a mirror! After seeing what the other stores had to offer we knew we needed to go back to Ashley and get our table. We were able to pick the table up a few days later and we love it. (Plus we love not eating on the floor....although I claim it was very Asian Zen of us! )

Sorry the pictures are not great they are from my i-touch.

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larzipan said...

mmmm caramel apple spice. I will never judge a lady for her vices :)