Not Much Happening

We haven't had many blog worthy things going on lately sorry! However I did get one picture for our date night with the Henries. We went to dinner up at the Gateway and went the the Clark Planetarium for the U2 light show. I got a picture of Beau, Robert, & I in stupid hats in the gift shop.


Book Club- Book Thief

This past Thursday we had our 2nd book club meeting for the Book Thief. It was a lot of fun as usual. This month we are going to read a "light" summer book since the next month is pretty busy for everyone. We are going to be reading, I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
I made a few little decrative items to spruce things up. I made a some bags for my yummy cherries, and candies, I modge podged some pages to jars for flowers, and made a little table square out of book pages with ribbon and paper flowers. I also used some of my fresh cherries and Colorado picked strawberries and made some mini pies!


Nothing too exciting happened this past weekend. I went shopping with my girls! Played side walk chalk with my man Garrett, and had a BBQ with my cousin and her family. Here are a few pictures from Saturday morning.

 Sisters, and one with mom!
 My kitty Dixie Cups!


Red Beauties!

I was so happy when I went over to the in-laws yesterday and saw the neighbors tree full of cherries. So much so that I made Robert go ask her if I could pick some. I ended up with two bags full! I'm in cherry bliss!

Canvas and Cocktails

On Sunday Morning I went with bestie Kim to Canvas and Cocktails to try out my painting skills....I'm sad to report I have no skills but I had a blast with Kim!

 Kim aka Picasso!
 I should have stopped at this point.
 Kim and her funky flowers!
 Our masterpieces!
Me & Kim
My finished funky flowers.

Little Ladies

 Corrine and Isabelle with raspberry fingers.

 The girls ater the sweaty Rockies game!

Corrine and her bunny.... I pretty much died over her beautiful curls!

 Isabelle blowing up balloons!

 Jammie time!

Oh I had so much fun with these two little ones! I miss them already!

Berry Picking/Rockies Game

On Saturday we spent the day with my favorite people...Robert and the Becker's. We got up on Saturday morning and went to the berry patch to pick strawberries. It was a lot of fun and really hot. After berry picking we went to the Rockies game....We got free t-shirts and mostly just roasted in the heat. Well my boys hit 5 home runs....unfortunately they were 5 solo home runs and Robert's Angels hit 11 runs...Sad but fun!
 The Becker's
 The Anderson's
 Corrine quality testing the strawberries!

 Isabelle was a berry picking pro!
 Yummy strawberries (I'm eating some of them as I am posting all of this!)

 Rockies game....Coors Field.

Estes Park Haunted Stanley Hotel Tour

On Friday we decided to drive up to Estes Park Colorado to picnic, walk around, and visit the Stanley. For those of you who don't know anything about Estes Park or the Stanley her is a brief lesson for you. Estes Park is a cute little town tucked up in the mountains near Rocky Mountain National Park. As for the Stanley it is a hotel started by the Stanley Steamer family....oh and it's haunted....ever heard of the Shining by Steven King...redrum ring any bells? Yes this is where he got his idea for the movie and filmed the mini-series. Oh and have you ever seen Dumb and Dumber? It was also filmed there!  Anyway if you ever get the chance go on the tour I highly recommend it!

(We have more pictures of the whole Denver trip that I will try to add later these are just the ones from my phone.)