Denver Trip/ Bass Pro/ City Park/ Susan

On Wednesday night last week we flew out to Denver for a little visit. Of course we picked the night when they had tornado warnings and high wind to fly in. So our little flight basically doubled in time while we circled Steam Boat before we were finally able to land.

On Thursday while the Becker's worked I took Robert on  little tour of the city. We had to stop in at Bass Pro for Robert! Then we went to City Park and walked around. After that I took him on a drive down town and we got stuck in a lot of Denver traffic.

Later that night Andrea, Robert and I met up with my friend Susan for dinner and some catch up!

Robert at the airport.

Robert's Bass Pro experience!

 Me enjoying this cute store where I got the granny glasses pictured below!
 City Park
 Robert sleeping in City Park

 My Besties!!!

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