Book Club- Book Thief

This past Thursday we had our 2nd book club meeting for the Book Thief. It was a lot of fun as usual. This month we are going to read a "light" summer book since the next month is pretty busy for everyone. We are going to be reading, I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella
I made a few little decrative items to spruce things up. I made a some bags for my yummy cherries, and candies, I modge podged some pages to jars for flowers, and made a little table square out of book pages with ribbon and paper flowers. I also used some of my fresh cherries and Colorado picked strawberries and made some mini pies!

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Liz said...

Your book club looks so amazing! I so wish I lived closer. And I love Sophia Kinsella...so I bet your next book will be way fun to read.