Hunting We Did Go

This past weekend Robert took me out with him for the bow hunt. We went to Hancock Flat above Fish Lake. On Friday we set up camp and then stopped in to visit Hal at his cabin and it was so nice to sit and chat with him.  I went hunting with Robert a little on Saturday, but mostly just camped out. It was pretty fun but by Sunday I was ready to get home.
 Robert making fire!!

 Our camp and our view.

 Look I'm having fun camping! Only 1 thumb up though!
 Coke, Camping and Country Music! CRAZY!
 The mighty Hunter!

 Now you see me....now you don't
 Is  that a tree or is it my husband?

I've Got Your Number Book Club Stuff

Here is a little look at the food table I put together for our book club meeting.


Last Week

Its been a busy but fun past week. Here are some pictures that are not in any order from this past week!

Robert got ready for the bow hunt this next weekend. I also got my bow all decked out but my string is too long.
 We had family pictures on Tuesday. I thought I looked alright!
 I went with Laney and my mom to City Creek to get some school shopping done for Laney.
On Saturday afternoon Kelli and Bill got married so we went over to that in my parents back yard for a while. We got to see the adorable Henrie babies there and drink cherry limeade.

Then my awesome husband surprised me with tickets to Wicked. It was AMAZING. I'm so glad I finally got to see it after my disappointing trip to New York 4 years ago to see it just as the stage hands went on strike.



After slaving away setting up for the wedding on the 28th I left the house and wanted to relax so Robert took me to the drive-in. When we pulled in Roberts sister pulled in next to us....what are the odds? We watched the Dark Night Rises and had a lot of fun. It was a great way to de-stress after a crazy day!

The Origional Lane-ster

Just some funny shots of Laney!

Kelli's Bachelorette Party

In between the scramble of getting the wedding put together I stopped by Kelli's bachelorette party at Los Hermanos. I took a few really bad pictures on the phone but I'm sharing them anyway.

Odd and Ends

Robert has been doing little construction jobs on the side pretty much all summer long and I spend a lot of time supervising. If anyone needs some finish carpentry work done let me know!

Garrett's 4th Birthday

I'm sure anyone who has read this blog has heard mention of the Henrie family...they are really close friends who we pretty much consider as family. A few weeks ago there little guy turned 4 so we all came over for a cowboy themed birthday party!

The ADORABLE birthday boy!

 Jon and Mirissa
 Stephanie's cute converted saw horse!
 The Beatty section with my dad having a blast roping in the background.

 I'm considering growing a mustache I think I look pretty suave!
 Yes there was a pony!

Laney and Tiff....They are Garrett's girls!