Life According to Android

So every one with their instragram photo's think they are so cool....well blah! Here is what I have been up to courtesy of the camera on my droid.
 Husband's super cute licence picture.

 Creepy tree and arch from this creepy old house in AF that could be amazing if it was renovated! What I waste by white trash.
 Courtney taking pictures of said creepy house with this totally awesome camera!

Oh and the latest and greatest thing in my life. Banana + Pina  Colada= Banana Colada Slurpee


Brett's Birthday

Brett's birthday was on Thursday. We celebrated last night with dinner and one of my cakes. This time is was a re-invent of a strawberry short cake. I made a strawberry cake with sweetened strawberries for a filling with whipped cream cream cheese frosting....topped off with chocolate strawberries. I made Robert frost the cake for me so it actually looks good. I hope he liked it and luckily I have a bit a break from birthday's to come up with the next birthday cakes.

We added candles that added up to Brett's age on the cake.
Brett and his beautiful wife Stacy!

Spring Walk and Fish

On Sunday afternoon Robert and I decided to head  down to Springville to visit his family and also for Robert to rid the canal of pesky carp. Here are some pictures of our little spring walk.

 Here is our encounter with the duck.

 This is one of those previously mentioned pesky carp that Robert shot.
 The mighty hunter stalking his prey.
My inappropriate foot wear. I got poked by a lot of things.
 He's so dang cute!
 Look spring is really coming.
 Oh Hi it's me!
 These spike things are pretty cool!
 There is a sign graveyard and I was excited to see that they had the sign from the McGrath's that I helped open a million years ago.

A fuzzy caterpillar.

Oh we are so happy together!


On Thursday I went with my dad to Laney's first track meet. I have to say it brought back a lot of great memories of my track days. Laney is competing in the high jump and long jump....I am going to give her a few pointers after watching but it was a beautiful day for a track meet.

 Laney before the meet.
 The oh so fun track warm ups. I totally wanted to go on the field and participate!
Laney waiting for her turn to long jump.


Provo Beach Resort

On Andrea's last night in town we took her to the Provo Beach resort to play some games and just have a little last minute fun!

Here we are all decked out in stripes together!

Yes we are adults despite popular belief!

Andrea & Snow Day 2

So back on March 6th-11th my best friend Andrea came out for a visit. I absolutly loved having her here and I already miss her like crazy!
We spent time making crafts ( magnets and earrings), shopping, and watching Wife Swap into the wee hours of the morning. We also took her out snow mobiling and you can see how different the trail was from one week to the next. We took her out and it was slushy and warm but we still had a lot of fun!

Do you love my huge helmet or what? I should probably wear it all the time!

Gold Shoes, Violin and Snot Hair

Here is a random Laney related photo dump!
Ok these are my shoes that I wear all the time right now and have nothing to do with Laney!
Proof that Laney is actually in an awkward stage!
Laney playing the violin for me!

This picture is after I used the nasty snot gel to get her hair helmet hard for a ballroom competition.