Daddy's Birthday

Ok so here it all comes in really no particular order.....
We have been really busy for the last few weeks and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.
Back on February 27th my dad had a Birthday. I made him this super delicious banana split cake. It was a chocolate fudge cake soaked in caramel sauce, a maraschino cherry banana whipped cream filling, with a vanilla butter cream frosting with chocolate and caramel drizzles. I thought it turned out really tasty! I still need someone with actual decorating skills to frost it though!

I think we have a million birthday pictures just like these from every member of the Beatty family....Oh well at least we are consistent.

I was a baby hog all night with this cutie of Beau and Steph's!

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Liz said...

Just looking at the pictures of that cake make me want to start drooling. It looks DELICIOUS! I love the number candles on the cake, I think I should start doing that for Andrew's birthdays. That is so nice that your whole family lives within touching distance of each other and can get together a lot.