Ha ha so my darling husband is very tired around 9pm every night and I am an insomniac so the other night when he was somewhat comatose I decided to put his long hair in little ponytails...and now I am embarrassing him on the blog. A warning to the wise don't sleep next to a night owl insomniac we get bored and you are an easy target!

Laney's 13th Birthday

Basically the only things I ever post are pictures from my phone because the are the easiest to get on the blog. Someday I hope to actually get the other pictures I want to post on the blog but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!
Moving on Laney had her 13th birthday last week so I thought I would share some pictures of her shopping trip with her friends and some pictures of the cake I made her. I am one of the worlds worst cake decorators (although I did like the rose made of the orange pieces on the top) but I am really good at making yummy tasting cakes. This one was a chocolate fudge cake with a Mandarin orange whipped cream filling and orange butter cream.... I call it the orange chocolate cake!

Laney, Sarah, and Tiff

*** This is a public service announcement beware of creepy people at the mall getting in your pictures.....oh wait that's Mirissa!!!***



I am putting posts up here in the most random order but oh well! I have to post about this because it was so stinking cool!  My handsome hubby LOVES the Mythbusters so when my sister-in-law told me they were coming I hurried to the web site and snatched up two VIP tickets for Robert's Christmas present. I was so excited to give them to him that it basically made  my whole Christmas. Well this Wednesday we finally were able to go to the show! It really was so much fun. Adam and Jamie are way funny and interesting. I have to say the very best part was when Robert got picked out the audience to join them on stage. He had to dress up in a lot of rubber rain gear and ride a bike against another guy. Robert had the side with the faulty hose so he ended up getting a balloon full of water splashed on him but I don't think he minded at all! After the show we were able to meet Adam and Jamie and get our picture taken with them and have them autograph a picture for us. I know I really enjoyed the whole thing and I'm pretty sure it was Robert's favorite Christmas present ever especially since he was able to participate with them! (sorry most of the pictures suck because there was no flash photography!) 

Waiting to go in!

View from our seats.

In our seats excited for the show to start!

The stage ready to go!

Adam and Jamie!

Jamie's Q&A

Jamie lifting Adam by interlaced phone books!

Don't worry Adam lives through this!

Robert on stage getting suited up!

Robert is in the blue gear on the blue bike on the left side!
Riding the bike to get the water up the pipe!
Robert about to get wet!

Us after the show waiting to meet the Mythbusters!

Practice picture ha ha no one was ready!

See they are real!!!!

Trans- Siberian Orchestra

So a couple of days after Christmas we enjoyed a little bit more of the Christmas spirit when we went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was a lot of fun and we had great seats! The only problem I had was the fact that the bubble snow ruined my boots! But overall it was a fun end to the Christmas fun!


Baby Blessing

I have a few things that I need to put on the blog but I don't have the other camera....so we will skip forward to the pictures I do have on my phone from my cousin Alex's little nuggets blessing. One of the greatest things about being married to a local boy is that we are close to so much family that it is totally reasonable to go to things like this! We had a great time seeing the family but most of all I enjoyed this adorable baby. She was the sweetest little thing! I am going to have to go visit Alex and Kate again soon so I can get my hands on that angel baby again!