Baby Blessing

I have a few things that I need to put on the blog but I don't have the other camera....so we will skip forward to the pictures I do have on my phone from my cousin Alex's little nuggets blessing. One of the greatest things about being married to a local boy is that we are close to so much family that it is totally reasonable to go to things like this! We had a great time seeing the family but most of all I enjoyed this adorable baby. She was the sweetest little thing! I am going to have to go visit Alex and Kate again soon so I can get my hands on that angel baby again!


A, K, "R" and "E" said...

You can come visit whenever you like...I can't promise that Alex and I won't run out the door leaving the kids with you as soon as you walk in the door though!

Lexi and Robert said...

Ha ha I would totally babysit!! Honestly if you even need a little time off let me know! Or if you want to have a girls day we can go play :)