Laney's 13th Birthday

Basically the only things I ever post are pictures from my phone because the are the easiest to get on the blog. Someday I hope to actually get the other pictures I want to post on the blog but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!
Moving on Laney had her 13th birthday last week so I thought I would share some pictures of her shopping trip with her friends and some pictures of the cake I made her. I am one of the worlds worst cake decorators (although I did like the rose made of the orange pieces on the top) but I am really good at making yummy tasting cakes. This one was a chocolate fudge cake with a Mandarin orange whipped cream filling and orange butter cream.... I call it the orange chocolate cake!

Laney, Sarah, and Tiff

*** This is a public service announcement beware of creepy people at the mall getting in your pictures.....oh wait that's Mirissa!!!***

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