Robert's Surgery

This past Friday Robert went in and got his shoulder operated on so I thought I would post some embarrassing photos!
Pre-surgery in his pretty blue dress, grippy socks, and notice his favorite Utes scrub cap.

 The problem with being a die hard Ute fan and getting surgery done at the place you work it that while you are drugged they make you wear BYU attire and take photos!
Robert is a tough guy and is doing pretty well  but this cold pack/ compression machine has been nice to have around.!

Family Pictures

So a long time ago in the summer we had family pictures taken so I thought I would finally share a few favorites!

 Jon & Mirissa
 Jake & Courtney
Stacy & Brett
Dad & Mom
The Boys
 The Girls
The Beatty Family


Book Club

This Saturday we had a book club meeting it was not very well attended due to me putting it off for so long and doing it on a Saturday, but I had a blast with my family at Chili's anyway! Next month will be better I hope because we are going back to normal!
 Manda, Court, Mirissa, Momma and Kate! Thanks for comming girls!

Jon's Costume Birthday Party

 Both my sister and my brother married Halloween babies. This year to celebrate Jon's birthday Mirissa gave a costume party it was on the weekend before Halloween and it was a lot of fun!

Robert was a baseball player and I was a witch with the awesome broom below that Robert made me. My mom was a Gypsy and my dad was grumpy which was pretty much the best thing ever!!!

 Mirissa and Jon were Lois Lane and Clark Kent!
 Laney and Tiff were 80's work out girls!
 Jake and Courtney were scary half animals!

 Mirissa and Jon's friends all dressed up and they were so cute!