More From The Droid

 Laney finishing up Ballroom for the year.
 This is a picture that I took of a beaver....see if you can see him.

 Oh the Henrie twins in your Easter attire...Too stinking cute!
 Not going to get much done anymore on Thursdays with this little bug to cuddle.
 Courtney and I made AWESOME Magelby's french toast at home on Saturday!
 Robert planting some veggies down in Springville. I hope we have a good harvest!
 Robert and I at Madison's birthday bash Sunday and  a little peek at my cute new green dress.


Beatty Family Easter

I helped my mom on Saturday get all her Easter presents put together and while we were out shopping we found a saying that said "You call it chaos we call it family" I think you will understand after you see pictures from the Beatty family Easter Egg hunt and such.

Easter at the In-Laws

In the afternoon Robert and I went to his parents house in Springville for dinner and to watch Maddie and Drew hunt for Easter eggs. I love Robert's family they are the best!

Our Easter

Easter is by far my favorite holiday of the year. Christ broke the bonds of death for all of us and it is an amazing thing to celebrate. I also like all the silly Easter traditions and the fact that it is usually nice weather.

We did a lot yesterday to celebrate so I'm breaking in down in to different parts. This first part is some of the stuff we had going on with just the two of us!

 Robert made some of his Italian cookies.

 We tie-dyed some Easter Eggs.

 I made some Deviled Eggs soooo yummy!
And we both got an Easter basket!


City Creek

On Monday night some of my family went up to check out the new City Creek shopping area in SLC. I have to say it's pretty awesome. I need to go back and explore it more. Here are a few pictures from the night.

 All of us minus my dad....I look huge in this picture but everyone else looks cute!
 I really love my husband....we are those gross PDA people.

The Beatty Girls

My family!

 Had to add this goofy window picture because Laney's reflection is hilarious!
I feel a need to watch breakfast at Tiffany's now!~