City Creek

On Monday night some of my family went up to check out the new City Creek shopping area in SLC. I have to say it's pretty awesome. I need to go back and explore it more. Here are a few pictures from the night.

 All of us minus my dad....I look huge in this picture but everyone else looks cute!
 I really love my husband....we are those gross PDA people.

The Beatty Girls

My family!

 Had to add this goofy window picture because Laney's reflection is hilarious!
I feel a need to watch breakfast at Tiffany's now!~


Liz said...

To answer your previous question about who reads this blog, apparently Andrew does too. As I was scrolling through this post Andrew told me to tell you that the next time you post a picture where he can see our house in the background he is going to harass you about not stopping by to visit. Of course that was over a month ago now, but you have been warned! ;)

Lexi and Robert said...

Ok ha ha tell Andrew that Robert and I are coming down in May so we should get together for dinner or something.

Liz said...

We should get together! That would be fun. I'll let him know.