Puppies, Funerals, and Fishing

As I mentioned in my last post my great grandma passed away. This past weekend we went down for the funeral. Before we went down my Uncle Brian came to town with my dog Ali who he adopted from me last summer and his old dog Brycie.  It's been so fun seeing Ali and getting to play with her a bit. My Uncle is in town until Wednesday so I will get to enjoy her until then.
The Ali Baba!
On Thursday we went down to Tropic for the Funeral. Ruby's Inn donated rooms for the family and we were so grateful to them. On Friday morning we had the viewing, followed by the funeral and interment and the cemetery. The Tropic ward had a nice luncheon for us after and it was a nice time to catch up with family.
 Laney and I in our funeral attire
 One of grandma's quilts
 My dad and some of his cousins
(Monique, Mark, Kori, Eric, Charlene, Mitch, Brian, and Daddy)
 Grandma's house and yard just for my memory in case I don't make it down again.

 Monique and mom

After the funeral Robert, Jake, Court, Stacy, & Brett went on a hike to find sharks teeth.
Then on Saturday on our way home Robert, Laney, Brett, Stacy and I went to Otter Creek for a little fishing.

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Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

I'm sorry about your great grandma, that is sad. Glad you got to see Ali again though, she is so cute! Glad it was a good trip!