Happy 2-0 Mirissa

I have decided that the android is both a good and bad thing for me. Good because it is always handy for a photo op...and bad because I never seem to bring my camera any more because I know I have the phone...and therefore blurry pictures. Here are a few blurry pictures from Mirissa's big 20th birthday!( Pretend I'm a big foot photographer because they always take blurry pictures too)

 The Birthday Cake From HELL!!!
 Beautiful Birthday Girl!

 I love these loons...Brett, Stacy, Courtney & Jake!

 Robert and his favorite picture face!
 Mirissa got spoiled... I cut those flowers from my garden for her and I love them!
I love these loons too... Daddy, Laney, & Uncle Brian!
So this was a mint chocolate cake. It was chocolate fudge cake, chocolate mousse with chopped up Ande's mints, topped with mint butter cream. The cake fell apart and so did I during the process but it turned out ok considering it was piled high with frosting to make up for the damage!

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