Cruising~Day 6 Puerta Vallarta~Sailing the Bay of Flags

It's hard to say what my favorite day on this cruise was, but I think if Robert didn't get sick this day then this would be my favorite day! After our day in Manzanillo and watching a really cool storm that night out on the ocean...(we only got a few raindrops on the boat) we pulled into Puerta Vallarta. Stu was absolutely right when he said it was a beautiful day! It really was a wonderful day. We planned a sail and snorkel trip this day and it was soooooo much fun! I basically need a yacht now! I really wish we had more time in Puerta Vallerta because we really didn't get a chance to explore at all but it was honestly so beautiful and I would love to go back. We got off our boat and were sent over to our yacht for the day with our new friends Jhonny and Jairo. The great thing about this boat trip was that there were only a few other people on the boat with us. There were 3 guys on the boat from Utah so Robert got to talk about football which I'm sure he enjoyed! We sailed across all of Bandaras Bay (the bay of flags) Then on the other side of the bay we got to jump in the water and snorkel. There was a pirate ship in the same area as us when we were snorkeling and it was pretty cool! Poor Robert got sick on our way back across the bay other wise it would have been the perfect day!

That's our cruise ship that we sailed past.

I'm planning on living in that yellow house someday!

This is where we jumped in and snorkeled!

I really liked the pirate ship!

Don't worry about Robert being sick! He felt well enough to molest our bunny that night! :)

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