Cruising~ Day 7 Cabo & Our Buddy Paco

When we first decided to sign up for shore excursions we really wanted to go para sailing and we were really bummed that it was all booked up. We put our name on a waiting list for the para sailing and signed up for a horseback adventure instead, So when we got our tickets for para sailing the day before we go to Cabo we were thrilled. We dumped the horse ride and headed off the boat to Cabo. We had a lot of time to kill before the para sailing so we thought we would get off the boat and explore at little. Cabo is such a resort town and it was really hot! We walked around town, saw Senior Frogs, and I got myself a cute cowgirl hat. As we were walking around we were hounded by a ton of people offering wave runners, snorkeling, water taxis, and glass bottom boat rides. After a bit of time out in the hot sun we decided that we needed to do something in the water. In comes our buddy Paco he was our entertainment agent for the afternoon. He hooked us up with a wave runner and a water taxi to the beach. We had so much fun on the wave runner exploring the Sea of Cortez. After we had our hour on the water we went para sailing and it was AWESOME. Robert and I got to go in the air together and it was so peaceful and fun! We had a great view of the famous arch and the Lands End. I would highly recommend para sailing it really isn't scary at all! After para sailing we met up with Paco again an he hooked us up with a glass bottom boat. We got to see the marina gas station haha, Lovers Beach, The Arch, A bunch a pelicans, Sea Lions, Lands End and we even went over to the Pacific side and saw what our driver called divorce beach. It was a really fun day that ended with a really bad sunburn!

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