Cruising~Day 4 Ducky and the pursuit of a piece of ship.

On our second sea day I was excited to be able to spend some time in the spa getting a scalp massage, foot massage, and neck and shoulder massage. It was pretty awesome! While I was getting pampered Robert was playing mini-golf and basketball. Then we spent a lot of time on our pursuit of winning the prized golden trophy's lovingly called by our favorite entertainment people (Jeff, Ali, and Beth) "a piece of ship on a stick". "Come on Jeff" (one of our many favorite honeymoon phrases, along with G'Day, Arrivederci!, I need some Sea of Cortez!)
The only picture I have of that day is a bedtime picture of me and our little friend Ducky! Sorry if my no make-up picture scares you....but hey it's nearly Halloween so it's alright really!

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