The GIANT Wedding Pictures Post

I worked so hard on this wedding. I had a vision in my head and for the most part everything came together. I think at times people looked at me funny trying to grasp my concept and vision but I think you can see now that it wasn't insanity (ie.... the ribbon wall aka Lexi's Ark) Pretty much everything is hand made by me or my awesome friends and family. Except for the awesome pies that were made by a pro!!  I loved everything about this day but the very best part was marrying my handsome husband!!! (wish I had a picture of my Uncles fancy Nash that was parked in the driveway!!! It's from the 40's and totally went along with the vision!) Again these pictures were taken by Courtney the sister-in-law extraordinaire!

I think the best way to put the pictures on here is by category so I will start with the flowers. I can't even start to tell you how much I LOVED the flowers. I wanted yellow flowers and the Warburton girls picked the most beautiful flowers for me. I wanted a button mum boutonniere for Robert and ranuculus & open face garden roses for my bouquet both turned out amazing!!

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