Cruising~ Day 1 Lines and LA

Ok now that the wedding posts are officially done I'll move on to the honeymoon. Robert and I went  on a cruise to Mexico. Despite drug cartels killing each other, a hurricane threatening us, and ports being changed we had a fantastic time.

Well the first day was pretty awful but it got better!!!

We drove down to Las Vegas on our way to California and stopped for the night to visit my Uncle Jac. He is always a lot of fun to spend time with. We had some delicious food at Chicago Joe's they have the BEST spaghetti! Then we went down to Freemont Street for a while.

The next morning we got up bright and early and set out for LA. Just have to say California drivers are scary, and that means a lot because Utah drivers are REALLY bad! So after fighting traffic and having our GPS take us to some scary place that was wrong...we finally made it to the port. Then we waited in line, after line, after line....seriously for like 5hrs! Then apparently I have a metal plate in my head that I am unaware of because I kept setting off the metal detector and had to get felt up by a scary looking security officer. I was tired and hungry and GRUMPY! Needless to say I had just about had it on our way to the boat and was in tears. Then we got on the boat and they smashed up all on the deck for our life boat briefing...(still not having fun) then we sat in the port forever before we finally set off. Once we started moving things changed and we started having a blast. Here are a few pictures from the fist day when we finally started getting on our way!

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