Friends & Family

I had so many great people help get me ready for this day. Months of people sewing, and cutting, and painting, and gluing and so on. I had hugs during melt downs, a sister in law who stressed out helping me execute my vision on pictures invitations and thank you cards and many more projects, best friends driving all night long to bring me flower girls,a harping/hair-stylist who was hanging things from trees for me all day long, parents doing all sorts of yard work, people wrapping and unwrapping lights around trees, men moving tables and chairs, in-laws tying tulle around chairs in the heat, neighbors getting their electricity stolen over the fence, and the list could go on forever. Thanks to everyone who was there for us on that day...even if you were unable to be there I appreciate everything you have done for me!

These are my people! I don't have the picture of my whole family yet but when I do I will post it!!!

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