Courtney made this awesome paper fan decoration.

Robert and I made little peg board games for all the tables and sitting areas. All the games were painted in different yellows and browns. I also made game rule cards with different buttons and such on them.

Courtney let me use her cool old cameras. My parents have a lot of cool old books that were scattered all over the yard as decoration.

Every little nook and cranny had things. Roberts mom got me this adorable tea pot that made it's way in to a cabinet confiscated from Mirissa's house.
I paid $.97 for that yellow plate and then proceeded to break it in half. Luckily my awesome neighbor Colleen fixed it right up for me.

I seriously went wild with ribbon!! I made all these pens with the help of my hubby. Also that pretty table cloth was my grandma's I've had it for years and it was the perfect time to use it.

Again Courtney supplied this awesome yellow phone.

 Robert and I also painted a ton of chalk boards in various colors and then I added decoration with the help of my little sister Laney. I wrote various things on the chalk boards like pie flavors and such.

One of my very favorite things was this vintage scrapbook that I got on eBay. (when I first got the book I was worried because it must have belonged to a smoker because it really stank!) I wish I had a picture of the wood paneling on the cover. It had these beautifully yellowed crisp pages that I stamped with black stamps and then added pictures of Robert and I growing up printed all  in sepia. This ended up as our sign in book.

I picked up some cute pom-pom fringe and put it on these little jars for the tables I also used the sticker that came with the jars and added Robert loves Alexis on them. The fabric squares for the tables started out as a crazy hellish hunt thru many Wal-marts. I found about a yard of the fabric at one Wal-mart and fell in love with it. I think we ended up going to 5 Wal-marts and purchasing 3 more random measurements of it.Then again with Colleen to the rescue she cut it and hemmed it for me!

I was happy to have so many wonderful treasures at my wedding....most of the old decorations belonged to family members of mine or were made by them. On the table is an old suit case my mom had, an old view finder from my great-great-aunt Bea and the quilt that my great grandma and grandmother made for me when I was little.

This project was a head scratcher for many people until they saw it all together. We planned on having our ceremony on the back deck but I wanted a way to make the space more intimate without blocking it off so I decided to make a ribbon wall. It was like 15' long and 10' lengths of ribbon and pearls and tulle hanging from it. It was so pretty fluttering in the wind and it was exactly what I wanted!

We hung many jars with candles in the trees and such all around the yard. I also hung pictures and an old fur coat of my grandma's.

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