Labor Day Weekend

We had a nice Labor Day weekend this year just relaxing and spending time together. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

 On Saturday I got my hair darkened by my awesome friend Amanda.
Later on Saturday my family (Mom, Dad, Laney, Jake, Court, and us) went up AF Canyon to have a picnic....we got rained on the whole time but still had fun!

After the canyon we went and played the new extended version of bang. Then Court and I went and got pedicures and cupcakes...so it was a pretty fun day!

On Sunday Robert and I went down to Springville to visit his parents. We also had to go on an arrow retrieving mission at the canal....hence Roberts hillbilly outfit! While we were out I was spotting all the signs of fall....I AM SO NOT READY FOR SUMMER TO END!

On Monday morning we went to bug my family but Dixie was the only one there to greet us.
So we went on a picnic to Draper park. We enjoyed Jamba Juice and Jimmy Johns!

Later that night at the Beatty house we had a BBQ and entertainment. We had some cheers from Laney and then some leg wrestling. The night ended with a fire and s'mores.

 Well so long to summer and welcome fall.... (can we just skip winter this year though?)

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