St. George Weekend

This past weekend we went down to St. George for my aunt Cathy's funeral. Considering we were down there for a sad occasion we ended up squeezing in a little fun. We were able to stay with my cute aunt Helen and uncle Ken in their amazing house on the Sky Mountain Golf Course. We are sad to lose my aunt Cathy but we are happy to know that she is no longer suffering.

Pool sharks!
 The view from Aunt Helen's
 Sunset and moon at the same time...so beautiful!
 Really can't beat this view!
 1 Crazy person
 2 Crazy People
 3 Crazy People
 4 Crazy People
5 Crazy People
 Apparently crazy people multiply quickly!
 We got to enjoy some time at the Sky Mountain Community Pool!

 Then we were magically whisked away to London aka Ancestor Square....Does any one know why they have this phone booth there?

 "Oh please don't take my picture I am so famous and so British!"
 Of course the best place to stop for a potty break on the way home is Beaver!

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Liz said...

I'm always trying to figure out a reason we need to stay at your aunt Helen's house....so far the best I can come up with is that we secretly move into their basement and hope they never figure us out!