Graham Cracker Creations

The Beatty Family has a fun tradition of building graham cracker houses....and I use the word houses lightly they have become a competition for the coolest idea and structure. We usually build these on Christmas Eve so we have plenty of time to get them done....however with everyone going different directions this year we held it last night but even with the time crunch this year did not disappoint. (Oh and by the way we consider the Henrie's part of the Beatty Clan so this is their second year with the party!)
This was the Henrie's AWESOME Wizard of Oz scene. Stephanie brought her A game this year because she felt that she was robbed last year with my Uncle Jac's scoring system!

This is Mirissa & Jon's barn...once upon a time it had a really awesome silo but the twister that took Dorthy to Oz took it too!

Ok I'm not going to lie I am kind of jealous of Laney's great idea. This is the house from UP complete with Kevin, sails, and balloons  plus it is on stilts to make it look like it's floating!

Jake and Court gave us classic Christmas with a Christmas tree and stocking!

Brett made a dinosaur this year... We all thought he looked like Rex from Toy Story!

Stacy made the cutest tree house. You can also see the huge mess that we have behind her tree house too!

Last but not least Robert and I made a pirate ship. Well Robert really built it. I made the characters and contemplated stealing Stephanie's babies.....they are so dang cute!!!!

Hope you all have fun family traditions that make your Christmas special!

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Jodi said...

So fun! I am impressed with all of your creativeness! Everyone definitely brought their A game!