Girl Friend Gift Idea/Tutorial

So this year I decided to make sugar scrub for my girl friends and put a little hand care basket together. Here is how it all turned out.
This is what you'll need:
*Mixing bowl and rubber scraper (or a spoon or even fork would work)
*Measuring Cups (1cup and 1/3 cup)
*Granulated Sugar
*Olive Oil
*Vitamin E oil (you can get in in a bottle like mine at Hobby Lobby but you can also just cut open some vitamin E capsules as well!)
*Essential Oils ( I used peppermint, Grapefruit, Honey Almond, and Lavender)
*Food Coloring
*Jars or bottles with a tightly sealed lid. (I used the stash I of jars I had left over from the wedding.)

1. Pour 1 cup sugar into bowl.

2. Then 1/3 cup olive oil (you may need to add more to get the consistency you desire.)

3. Then add a good squirt of vitamin E. If I was to measure I would say about 1/2 to 1 tsp....but really it's up to you. (this step can even be skipped but I like the idea of vitamin E in it!)

4. Next add a few drops of essential oil. Add it until you like the smell.

5. Then add a couple of drops of food coloring.

6. Mix well~ Especially to get the color mixed in.

When mixed scoop into jars.

So lovely!

How to put the package together!

1. Gather some hand care items. I had soap, sanitizer, gloves, and nail files. You could also have lotion, nail polish, cuticle cream...or whatever! I also found these cute boxes at Target to put it all in. Baskets work too!

2. Wrapping a Labeling. I printed off some cute Christmas Labels and just wrote the type of scrub I made on them . You could get really fancy and print the names on them. You will also need Mod Podge, a paint brush or sponge brush, little ornaments, a hole punch and ribbon/string/twine.

Here is one of the labels I printed out. I just wrote the name on it and cut it our to fit the lid of the jar.

Apply a little Mod Podge.

Place label on the lid and add more Mod Podge to the lid.

Voila you are done with that!

Place all the items in the box or basket with the tallest item in the middle (this gives you a place to tie it all up easily!)

Cut some cellophane and bunch around tallest item and add ribbon or twine.

I finished it off with a little ornament and a tag that said "I hope your heart and hands are warm this holiday season." I like alliteration..... I'm a dork!

Great gift and very easy and affordable!

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