He's a Camper!

This weekend Robert and I went camping up Diamond Fork with Roberts brother Richard, his wife Wendy and little girl Kylie, and also his good friends Mike & Becky and their little girl Callie. So I'm not much for camping and I will admit I was a bit whiny about a few things but I did end up having fun!

 Robert and Kylie on a mission to scare away the cows.
 Mr. still attached to his phone.
 Yes we slept in a tent!
Proof that I was there!

 My little niece Kylie
 Robert and Mike playing Bocchi

 What happens when boys get bored!

 Cutest camper ever!

 Watching the boys cross the stream was pretty funny.

 Little bit of nature!
 Kylie and Callie

 Redneck boys and their bb guns

The whole gang playing Bang.


Mel said...

Looks like fun, except the whole camping part.:) I LOVE the mountains, but my idea of roughing it would be a Hilton in the mountains!!

Becky said...

I proud of you for going camping. I'm glad you ended up having fun.