Bunch Of Phone Pics

I could pull pictures off my camera but this is much easier. So enjoy some picture diarrhea from my phone of what we have been up to.

 American Fork Canyon caught fire and it was pretty sad and scary because Mirissa and Jon live in Alpine. Luckily all the prayers helped and we had a rain storm that helped get the blaze under control. This is the view from my office the day it started.
For the 4th we went to Richfield for our annual family BBQ with my aunt and her family. Here we are at the parade.

Andrew and Liz have the most adorable puppy that I considered puppy-napping!

 Chesney was all decked out for the 4th...is she not the cutest thing?
 Ok maybe she's the cutest thing....it's so hard to decide with so many cute babies. My cousin Jack and his wife Mel stopped by for a visit while they were in Utah and we finally got to meet Regan..... Oh those kissable cheeks!!!

 Robert signed us up for a hippie co-op.... I have to admit I love it. Nothing like fresh fruit and veggies.... perhaps I will order next time so Robert can't order another 38lbs of pineapple...Although he has been enjoying the pineapple pretty much every day!

Yummy green smoothies from our fresh fruit!
 I fell in love with John Freda's Frizz Ease products...my hair has been so happy since I made the switch over....my curls were pretty nuts for a while!
 I made bread!! Ok well I put ingredients in the bread maker and it made bread but that is still good for me considering I don't really like to bake!
Robert and I finally got a life....oh wait we got the game of life....we have had fun playing it but I wish he could drive in my car with me....Oh well!
So that is our life in pictures so far this month!

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