Giant Photo Dump

 For Thanksgiving my Dad and I spent a full day making pies. I think at the end of the day we had made 9 pies.

 My Uncle Jac came up over Thanksgiving so we wend to dinner a lot!

 At the end of November Robert and I went to The Killers concert...it was a lot of fun.

 While Robert was healing from his surgery I was driving his truck and parking like a pro.
 We enjoyed our Christmas decorations.
 We spent time with Amanda and her little guy.
 We even got to welcome a new little guy to the world. I'm so in love with Jessica's Tye!

 We got a chance to see that lights at temple square before all hell broke loose.

 The whole month of December was filled with Dr visits, test, a stay at the hospital and more to come. I will be so happy when they can finally figure out whats wrong with me and fix it.

 I did leave my death bed to go on a ride to the North Pole with my nieces and nephew.
 We had our annual ginger bread house contest. Robert and I did the fire truck with the building. We put dry ice in the building for the reveal and it looked like smoke!!! We rock!

 Here are some of the other creations from that night. I think I am missing a picture of Brett's Santa Clause but it was awesome too!

 Oh and did I mention I had a big scary birthday?
 This guy spoiled me and so did the rest of my family!

Sorry it took so long for an update but with everything going on with me health wise I haven't been up to doing much! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!


Liz said...

9 pies!! You and your dad are amazing! I'm sorry to hear that you are having health problems - that sucks - I hope it gets better and SOON! I love your gingerbread houses; you are all out of my league. Karston and I made a triangle out of graham crackers and frosting and called it a success!

Kate said...

I am seriously impressed with the gingerbread houses and your cooking skills. Every year I tell myself I'm going to make a pie and it hasn't happened yet. I hope they figure out what is making you sick and you get better soon. That sucks anytime, but especially around the holidays.

Becky said...

It looks like you had a good Holiday Season, despite the health issues. Please let me know if you need anything. I sure help you get things figured out soon. Health issues are the worst.